The Desert Contemporary Adobe underwent a comprehensive remodel in close collaboration with the client’s architect and builder in North Scottsdale. The project’s central focus, the great room, boasts a substantial stone fireplace, a custom fireplace sculpture, and tailored furnishings. These elements were carefully chosen to complement the client’s existing artwork, which served as the guiding palette for the entire remodel. Adding to the contemporary ambiance, the space showcases a noteworthy bar with steel cabinetry and a distinctive glass light fixture in the dining area. The grand staircase to the second floor features hand-painted tiles and a custom steel railing, enhancing the overall aesthetic.

In the kitchen, specific highlights include pull-out pantries flanking the refrigerator and freezer, walnut cabinetry with a transparent stain accentuating the wood grain, and light marble countertops paired with brass fixtures. The kitchen also features high-end appliances and double islands for well-planned storage and seating. The backsplash is a hand-painted tile that adds a personalized touch to the culinary space. Large steel and glass doors give visual separation from the dining room to the kitchen but allow a large amount of natural light.

The library stands out as a warm and inviting area, reflecting the client’s extensive book collection and collection of Native American pottery. This space is designed for relaxation, featuring a fireplace, a large sectional for stretching out, and an ideal setup for socializing with guests or reading a book. A projector and electric screen are also readily available with the touch of a button for a wonderful TV-watching experience.

In the master suite, beautiful fabrics and a custom bed create a personalized atmosphere, complementing a lush rug. The room’s distinctive scalloped ceiling serves a dual purpose, adding a dramatic design element while addressing sound concerns. The master bath continues the theme of sophistication with walnut cabinetry, black limestone countertops, and a carefully designed tub nook featuring custom tile work and wallpaper. The custom-shaped shower boasts hexagon tiles on the floor and subway tiles on the walls, contributing to a distinctive and cohesive design.