Several substantial alterations were made to this residence, particularly in the kitchen and dining areas, as well as bathrooms. In order to improve flow in the dining area, walls separating the kitchen were removed, replaced instead by a custom chef’s table; also, an awkward space near the stair bannister was closed off with a custom cabinetry to better utilize kitchen space. Quartz countertops were installed on select surfaces, and wood plank porcelain flooring was placed throughout the living space. A custom dining table was commissioned and constructed by a local artisan, using a steel base and Meteor Shower granite as a table top. The client enjoyed bold, rich colors, so an appropriate palette was used on upholstered furniture. A custom sectional with bright teal fabric, and lemon colored dining chairs served as the perfect outlet for these preferences. In the stairway, a custom ‘bubble’ art installation was implemented as an accent.

The master bathroom received a complete overhaul, with the soaking tub being removed in favor of a walk-in shower. Floating vanities with lighted mirrors were installed, and a finely textured wallpaper was placed on the wall behind them. In the guest bathroom, the tub was once again removed for a walk-in shower, which now features porcelain tiles and a barn glass door.