The original master suite in this home was very monochromatic, sterile and the hard surfaces caused loud echoes throughout the space. The homeowners also have light sensitivities and found the space difficult to sleep in. Wanting a more contemporary style and loving warm, wood tones, they hoped for an inviting, luxury space that addressed their concerns with noise and light. The headboard wall was transformed into a stunning focal point by building out the center portion to add dimension. The build-out was then clad in a 3-dimensional wood tile to absorb sound. Textured wallpaper in the owners’ favorite steel blue tones was then installed flanking the wood accent to add contrast and coziness to the space. To lighten up the focal wall, custom 2-tone floating nightstands were designed with wall sconces above each. An etagere was added to house treasures special to the homeowner, while comfortable leather swivel chairs were placed to allow a view of the television and fireplace or the view outdoors. A textured rug added more color and another opportunity for sound absorption. Custom bedding and drapery was designed to create a soft, finished bedroom interior.