The Organic Contemporary Remodel is a testament to the seamless fusion of sophistication and nature-inspired aesthetics. This transformative project, which saw collaboration with a high-end builder, celebrates design that transcends time and trends, creating an abode that reflects modern sensibilities and the soothing touch of the natural world.

From the outset, the “Organic Contemporary Remodel” vision was clear: to craft an environment where luxury lives in harmony with nature and transform a heavy and dark home. This objective was accomplished through a meticulous selection of interior finishes, where the color palette of black, white, and oatmeal became the canvas upon which this masterpiece was painted. Each element, from the flooring to the cabinetry, was carefully chosen to create a cohesive design that exudes sophistication and tranquility.

One of the defining moments of this remodel was the transformation of the stone circular entryway into a modern square design. This alteration modernized the space and provided a visual connection to the geometric lines that are hallmarks of contemporary design. The entryway now serves as a prelude to the modern elegance that awaits within.

The “Organic Contemporary Remodel” is marked by its bold design choices, evident in the graphic wallpaper in the media room, powder bath, and Master suite walls, as well as ceilings in the living room.

This artistic flourish draws the eye upward, creating a sense of expansiveness while infusing the spaces with character and dimension. The juxtaposition of the organic patterns against the sleek lines of the contemporary design creates a dynamic visual appeal.

Among the highlights of this remodel is the fireplace wall.
The outdated brick was replaced with a modern, elegant tile that seamlessly complements the new design language. Built-ins were added to further enhance functionality and aesthetics, providing storage and display opportunities. The expansive mantel crowns the fireplace, becoming a focal point that marries form and function with remarkable finesse.

Beyond the structural changes, the “Organic Contemporary Remodel” embodies a commitment to comprehensive design. The collaboration extended beyond the remodeling phase, as we undertook the creation of custom furniture, all locally made to perfectly complement the newly transformed spaces. Each piece of furniture is a marriage of form and function, echoing the design philosophy that guided the entire project. We also thoughtfully selected artwork and accessories throughout the whole home.

This project is more than a remodel; it’s a narrative of design evolution. It speaks to the dialogue between tradition, innovation, luxury, and simplicity. The “Organic Contemporary Remodel” embodies the idea that a home can be a sanctuary that nurtures the soul while being an aesthetic marvel.

In conclusion, the “Organic Contemporary Remodel” stands as a testimony to the power of design to transform spaces, lives, and experiences. It marries the elegance of contemporary aesthetics with the timeless beauty of nature, resulting in an interior that is both luxurious and organic. This project is a reminder that the best design is not just about aesthetics; it’s about creating an environment that resonates with the spirit of those who inhabit it.