The homeowners’ goal with remodeling their home was to give an overall refresh and allowing for better entertaining spaces while maintaining their more traditional Southwest style. An L-shaped addition was seamlessly incorporated with the original bar cabinetry to allow for seating, while a new glass mosaic backsplash and countertop added a modern touch. In the kitchen, the island was shortened to counter-height to make it feel more open. New stone countertops and a glass accent tile were incorporated into the existing kitchen to elevate the design. In the bathroom, a head-to-toe renovation was required to transform the space. The tub was converted to a shower with beautiful new tile and accents. The original carpet was pulled out and replaced with a stunning tile that worked with the new vanity tops and backsplashes. The whole home was painted to a fresh, light color to create a more inviting environment. The furnishing layout in each room was rearranged for better flow, while original pieces were reupholstered and refreshed to incorporate vibrant patterns and soft leathers to bring new life to each space. Personal artwork, artifacts, and decorative accents with special meaning to the homeowners were also rearranged throughout the home. Rugs add softness, texture, and pattern while assisting with noise control in the large spaces.