The design approach for this project was driven by a profound respect for the client’s extensive collection of treasures gathered from their travels around the world.

We meticulously curated elements in the entryway that seamlessly blended with their existing aesthetic. A new light fixture illuminated the space. We were enamored with the existing door and opted to enhance its natural beauty by staining it. We integrated their rug and console to maintain the entryway’s cohesive charm.

We focused on creating a captivating focal point in the great room while honoring the client’s love for storytelling through art. We revamped the fireplace with striking large format tiles that extended to the ceiling, instantly commanding attention. Custom floating shelves provided the perfect canvas to showcase their cherished artwork, while a showstopping light fixture further enhanced the room’s ambiance.

In the kitchen, our aim was to breathe new life into the heart of the home. We reimagined the space by refacing the cabinets, installing beautiful new countertops, and reconfiguring the layout for improved functionality and openness. By removing the hood and optimizing the flow, we transformed the kitchen into a welcoming hub for culinary creativity and social gatherings.

The powder bath transformed dramatically, focusing on maximizing utility without compromising style. We added convenience while maintaining an air of elegance by opening up the space and introducing a shower. New cabinets and decorative marble tiles added a touch of luxury, elevating the space to a sanctuary of relaxation. Similar attention to detail was applied to the guest baths, where we replaced traditional tubs with modern showers, enhancing aesthetics and functionality.

In the master bedroom, custom rugs, and bedding were carefully selected to create a cozy retreat reflective of the client’s refined taste.
Finally, in the master bathroom, we embarked on a comprehensive redesign to optimize storage and enhance visual appeal. We achieved a sense of spaciousness and movement by reworking the layout, removing a drop ceiling, and introducing dynamic wavy tiles.

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