In our Waterfront Retreat, Katherine Mueller Design took on revamping this lakefront home in South Carolina. The clients, familiar with our work as KMD has worked on their previous properties in Arizona, California, and Florida, trusted us to bring our signature style to their new residence.

The central emphasis of the project was on the spacious areas of the residence. The clients acquired the property unfurnished, and KMD handled crafting all the upholstery and case good pieces throughout the house. This encompassed the furniture in the main living spaces and master bedroom, creating a transformative ambiance for the entire home.

A comprehensive lighting update enhanced the home’s daytime and nighttime ambiance. Strategic placement of fixtures accentuates architectural features, while ambient lighting contributes to a warm and inviting atmosphere suitable for relaxation and entertaining.

In elevating the interior of the South Carolina lakefront home, Katherine Mueller Design went beyond the expected, introducing custom furniture that enhances the aesthetic appeal. One standout feature is the custom-designed high-end bunk beds in one of the bedrooms. Crafted with precision and attention to detail, these bunk beds serve as a visual focal point and address the clients’ practical needs. The design seamlessly integrates form and function, providing a striking yet functional solution for the space. Incorporating premium materials ensures durability, aligning with our commitment to creating pieces that stand the test of time.

Despite the physical distance, our team efficiently managed the entire project remotely. Leveraging our established network of vendors, we sourced materials and executed the design vision with professionalism and adaptability.

This South Carolina lakefront home showcases the pragmatic and thoughtful approach of Katherine Mueller Design. The result is a space seamlessly combining functionality and luxury, reflecting a deep connection to its natural surroundings. The project highlights our commitment to delivering transformative interior designs that stand out for their practicality and understated elegance.

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